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Handmade Item

Gemstone: Citrine


Size: 8 mm beads, elastic bracelet, 1 size fits most. Fits most women wrist size 5.5 - 7 inches. Bracelets are stretchable and very comfortable to wear daily.


This crystal bracelet is infused with Reiki energy. When you wear this bracelet or have it near you, your bodymind will be able to receive Reiki  whenever you need the healing support of Reiki.


Metaphysical Properties, Uses, & Meaning: Citrine is a gemstone known for its diverse profile in metaphysical powers.  It assists in manifesting your heart’s desires, it strengthens your resolve and confidence, it gives you the courage & stamina to chase your dreams, and it activates the creative mind.  It is a solar gemstone which naturally resonates highly to the Sun's energy and fire element.  It channels the Sun's cleansing and rejuvenating energies, providing you a ray of hope during dark hours or giving you a boost of positive energy during times when you feel lost.  It projects the Sun's cleansing power deep within, able to clear blockages and voids from the soul, aura, and Chakras.  It is not an energy-generator but an energy-channeler: absorbing, filtering, and refracting energy around it in a halo.  For this reason, it is effective as a cleanser. It dissolves negative ambient energy, allowing for positivity to take its place.  As a solar gemstone, is uses the Sun's cleansing powers to keep itself charged and naturally clean.

Reiki Infused Citrine Crystal Bracelet

  • Awaken with Reiki will accept items that are in new condition, unworn, unaltered and free of damages by the customer. For a full refund, mail out your item within 21 days of the recipit of orginal order. Items cannot be returned after 21 days from the receipt of orginal order. Items must be returned with their orginal packaging such as crystal bag and any free gifts.

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