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Reiki is universal life force energy. It is a form of energy healing and relaxation therapy, that works on all levels to heal and balance the physical, emotional, and mental and spiritual levels of the body.

Your body is an electromagnetic field that is constantly streaming energy. Reiki promotes healing by releasing stagnant and blocked energy and encourages the natural flow of energy through the body and energy field. 

Benefits of Reiki include:  eases anxiety, stress and fear from the mind and body, promotes deep relaxation, reduces physical pain or discomfort in the body, releases tension from the mind and body, revitalizes the physical body & strengthens immune system, clears energetic blockages, improves your mood, improved sleep, boost's confidence and self-worth, raises your vibration, assists with emotional clearing and energetic balance, relaxes muscles in the body, heightens intuition, mental clarity, activates your natural healing abilities to heal and recover faster from an illness or injury, encourages personal and soul growth, & inner peace

A 60-minute Reiki session is $90.

Reading & Reiki 

This session includes a 30-minute intuitive reading and a 30-minute reiki healing. During a reading, I connect with angelic spiritual energy and channel higher intelligence to bring you messages of wisdom, guidance and support for your journey. 


This is perfect for you if you are ready to:

  • Receive divine guidance & clarity about your current situation/ life

  • Receive messages from Spirt about your mental, emotional, physical & spiritual blocks and how to remove those blocks

  • Receive insight and Spirit-led advice to help you understand where to focus your energy and the best approach to take moving forward in life

  • Align with the highest version of self through messages of higher wisdom

  • Embody a new sense of confidence moving forward in your life with deeper clarity from Spirit

  • Release stagnant and blocked energy with Reiki

A 60-minute Reading & Reiki session is $125.

Custom Crystal Jewlery + Healing Session

This session includes a healing, mentorship & a customized Reiki infused crystal bracelet.

We'll start the session with a healing. During the healing, I'll connect with Spirit and your spirit team to see what crystals and charms would best support you in your journey of growth and healing.  After the healing, I will provide intuitive mentorship if needed.  I'll create your own customized crystal bracelet after the session and send it to you in the mail.


This is perfect for you if you're a Reiki and Crystal Enthusiast! Receive a healing, receive messages from Spirit, and receive a customized bracelet.

A 60-minute session is $125.

Shamanic Clearing + Reiki

This session includes a shamanic clearing and a Reiki healing. Shamans can perceive energetic imbalances or intrusions that are in the energy field that cause physical pain, illness or mental suffering. They remove the negative energy that is causing this imbalance. The negative energy can look & even feel like, knives, thorns, smog, worms, pins, glass, smoke etc. My spirit allies and I will extract heavy energy and replace it with Source Light & Reiki.

A 60-minute session is $100.

Chakra Balancing + Reiki

This session includes chakra balancing + Reiki healing. Are your chakras overactive or underactive? This session is perfect for you if you want to balance your chakras and receive Reiki.

A 60-minute session is $100.

Shamanic Healing

A shamanic healing can include a variety of shamanic healing techniques ranging from illumination process, basic extraction, decoupling (chakra balancing), entity extractions, power animal retrievals, soul retrievals, destiny retrievals etc. All healings are guided by Spirit.

  • An illumination process: involves removing trauma and toxic life stories that are stored in the chakras. I will remove the heavy energy and replace it with Source energy. This creates a permanent shift in the individual's energy field.​

  • Power animal retrieval: A power animal is one of your helping spirits that is in the form of an animal. During a power animal retrieval, I will retrieve the power animal for you to integrate as a guide.

  • Soul Retrieval: Soul loss happens when we experience a traumatic event whether it's in this lifetime or another lifetime.  Traumatic events can be "small" or "big".  I will retrieve the lost soul parts that are ready to come back and reintegrate them into the individual. The soul parts that come back act as blessings, helping us feel more complete, content, and purposeful. ​

  • Entity extractions: Sometimes entities can be lodged deep in our energy field causing distress. These entities could be deceased partners or relatives looking for help, former selves of us that have been awakened, or discarnate spirits seeking healing. I will extract the entity into a vogel quartz crystal and then my spirit allies will navigate the spirit to its home. Entity extraction can bring rapid healing and help you heal from behaviors, patterns, and thoughts foreign to you.

A 60-minute session is $125.

Destiny Retrievals


​The Destiny Retrieval involves tracking into potential futures and locating your highest destiny/possibility and then bringing that back to the present moment and installing it into your energetic system. This session can be focused on different areas of life including career, home, love, etc.

A 30-minute session is $50.

Shadow Work/ Mentorship 

Shadow work is a process of making the unconscious conscious. It’s about confronting that hidden side of our psyche/personality, addressing our negative habits and traits, but also learning to embrace the unappreciated gifts we have. In order to grow and evolve, we need integrate our shadows.


During the session, Katie and Spirit will guide you in meditations to work with your shadow. You will gain awareness of your own shadow, and you will gain tools to heal and integrate.

These sessions are perfect for you if you are:

  • easily triggered

  • in dysfunctional relationships

  • lacking self love & self acceptance

  • repeating the same patterns in life

  • depressed or highly anxious

  • engaging in unhealthy escapism

A 60-minute session is $95.

Tarot Reading

During a reading, I'll use tarot and oracle cards, and I'll connect with angelic spiritual energy and channel higher intelligence to bring you messages of wisdom, guidance and support for your journey. You will gain insight on your situation, blockages/limited beliefs and what actions you need to take moving forward.

A 45-minute session is $60.

Akashic Records Reading

During an akashic records reading, I work with a sacred prayer to access your individual records. This gives me access to your energetic records of your soul's journey throughout time and space. This can include past, present and future realities. 

An akashic reading connects you with the higher energetic beings responsible for maintaining your records as well as spirit guides, teachers, and loved ones. The information that is channeled is a high vibrational frequency that provides healing on all levels.

A 45-minute reading is $70.

Reiki Certification Training

My online self-paced Traditional Usui Reiki Level 1 Training & Level 2 Training is available.

In Reiki Level 1, you'll learn about Reiki, the subtle energy system, the history of Reiki, the Reiki principles, grounding, energetic protection, self-cleansing, Japanese healing techniques, how to do self Reiki treatments, how to give your family and friends a Reiki treatment, how to give animals Reiki & more! You'll receive 1:1 distant attunements, prerecorded class, guided meditations, reiki manual, & a certificate.

In Reiki Level 2, you'll learn the Reiki symbols, how to use the Reiki symbols in a session, how to facilitate a distant reiki treatment, Japanese healing techniques, energy healing techniques, intuition & psychic abilities, tools to develop your psychic abilities, how to work with clients, and how to create a Reiki practice. You'll receive 1:1 distant attunements, prerecorded class, reiki manual, reiki level two certificate & access to virtual Reiki shares.

Who are these classes for? ANYONE who is looking to: heal themselves within, deepen their connection with their inner self, heighten their intuition, embrace their sensitivities, create a spiritual business, or gain tools to connect to Source energy.

Reiki Treatment

Mary S.

"Katie Scanlon at Awaken with Reiki was referred to me by a respected community professional.  At first, I tried one session with her because I didn’t know what to expect.  I enjoyed the Reiki session so much that I purchased her package deal!! Katie was respectful, empathetic, caring, professional, and informative.  She helped me successfully work through many issues that I had tried for decades, in more “traditional methods” to unsuccessfully work through.  I feel blessed to have found this method of healing and Awaken with Reiki."

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Location: True Wellness Brevard 2020 Palm Bay Rd NE Suite 14, Palm Bay, FL 32905

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