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Join Medicine Woman and Reiki Master Teacher Katie Scanlon for Reiki Training!


In this online training you'll learn about Reiki , subtle energy system, attunements, history of Reiki, Reiki principles, grounding, energetic hygiene & protection, Japanese healing techniques, how to give yourself reiki treatments, how to give family & friends reiki treatments, and how to give animals Reiki & more!


You'll recieve 1:1 distant attunements, prerecorded class, guided meditations, reiki manual, certificate & an online community via Facebook.


This class if for ANYONE who is looking to: heal themselves from within, deepen their connection with their inner self, heighten their intuition, have deeper meditations, create a spiritual business &gain tools to connect to Source.


Due to this being an online course, there are NO refunds available.


There are three levels of Reiki, which are always taught in progression. Reiki level two and three will be available in the coming months.

Self-Paced Reiki Training Level 1

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