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Hello Beautiful Souls! I am Katie Scanlon, Reiki Master Teacher, Karuna Reiki® Master Teacher, Shamanic Practitioner, Intuitive, and Shadow Work Coach.


My passion and purpose is to awaken the healer within you. Through my services, ceremonies, trainings, and mentorship, I guide you to step into your power, nurture your gifts and heal yourself and the world around you. 

My practices are supported and guided by the Universe, Mother Earth, and the higher Angelic realms as we shine a light on your shadows, release the patterns, self-limiting beliefs, and mend the fragmented parts of yourself. My goal is to help you transmute your darkest shadows, transforming them into the light to support your evolution. 

Reiki Treatment
Reiki Mastery Program
3 month One-on-One Reiki Mentorship


Reiki Mastery is for those who are navigating a spiritual awakening, have a calling to learn Reiki, and need guidance in navigating their shadows. If you’re desiring to make profound changes in your life, this container will be a transformative 3 months where you’ll learn potent tools to support your healing journey while awakening your innate gifts.

What's included? 
  • Angel Reiki level 1 & 2 training or Karuna Practitioner & Master training

  • Learn energy hygiene & energetic protection

  • Receive the Bands of Power

  • Learn shadow work using the Peruvian Medicine Wheel

  • Learn inner child work through somatic based practices

  • Guided shamanic journeys

  • Shamanic healings

  • Free access to a future Reiki Master Class 

During the 3 months, we'll meet weekly for 60 minutes. You will also have individual access to me through text for personal issues/concerns between sessions. You can expect 1 hour of weekly homework to support your integration.

Reiki Certification Training

After a year of teaching Reiki, I received guidance from Spirit to change my Reiki classes to "Angel Reiki."  Angel Reiki includes some of the traditional teachings that were originally taught in Japan and new teachings that Spirit guided me to include. 


Come join us for an empowering journey of self-discovery and healing through our Reiki practitioner certification training.  This program will equip you with the knowledge and skills necessary to practice Reiki with confidence and compassion. Classes must be taken in order.

In Angel Reiki 1, the Beginners Level, you'll learn about Reiki, the subtle energy system, the history of Reiki, the Reiki principles, grounding, energetic protection, self-cleansing, Japanese healing techniques, how to work with angels, how to do self Reiki treatments, how to give your family and friends a Reiki treatment, how to give animals Reiki & more! You'll receive attunements, digital reiki manual, & a certificate. 

In Angel Reiki 2, the Practitioners level, you'll learn the Reiki symbols, how to use the Reiki symbols in a session, how to facilitate a distant reiki treatment, Japanese healing techniques, energy healing techniques, intuition & psychic abilities, psychic development, how to work with clients, and how to create a Reiki practice. You'll receive attunements, digital reiki manual & reiki level two certificate.

In Angel Reiki 3, the Master level, you will learn the master symbol, how to give attunements, how to do advanced energy techniques like psychic surgery and entity extractions, and how to do house clearings and blessings! You'll receive attunements, digital reiki manual & reiki level three certificate.

Upcoming Reiki Trainings
Angel Reiki 1 - July 20th 11 am to 4 pm EST
Angel Reiki 2 - July 21st 11 am to 4 pm EST 

If you're unable to attend the classes live, my self-paced Reiki trainings are available. You can watch the class at any time from the comfort of your own home for a discounted price. You will also receive a digital Reiki manual along with 1:1 distant attunements.


Reading & Reiki 

This session includes an intuitive reading and a Reiki healing.

Reiki is universal life force energy. It is a form of energy healing and relaxation therapy, that works on all levels to heal and balance the physical, emotional, and mental and spiritual levels of the body. Your body is an electromagnetic field that is constantly streaming energy. Reiki promotes healing by releasing stagnant and blocked energy and encourages the natural flow of energy through the body and energy field. 

Possible Benefits of Reiki:  eases anxiety, stress and fear from the mind and body, promotes deep relaxation, reduces physical pain or discomfort in the body, releases tension from the mind and body, revitalizes the physical body & strengthens immune system, clears energetic blockages, improves your mood, improved sleep, boost's confidence and self-worth, raises your vibration, assists with emotional clearing and energetic balance, relaxes muscles in the body, heightens intuition, mental clarity, activates your natural healing abilities to heal and recover faster from an illness or injury, encourages personal and soul growth, & inner peace

During the session, I will connect with angelic spiritual energy and channel higher intelligence to bring you messages of wisdom, guidance and support for your journey.


This is perfect for you if you are ready to:

  • Receive divine guidance & clarity about your current situation/ life

  • Receive messages from Spirt about your mental, emotional, physical & spiritual blocks and how to remove those blocks

  • Receive insight and Spirit-led advice to help you understand where to focus your energy and the best approach to take moving forward in life

  • Align with the highest version of self through messages of higher wisdom

  • Embody a new sense of confidence moving forward in your life with deeper clarity from Spirit

  • Release stagnant and blocked energy with Reiki

A 60-minute Reading & Reiki session is $125.

Shamanic Healing

Each session is intuitively guided by Spirit to heal the root cause of what is causing you disharmony. I will be able to perceive your wounds within your energy field and clear anything causing you disharmony on an energetic level.

Different techniques I could use during the healing include: minor extractions, compassionate deposession (major extractions), decoupling (chakra balancing), chakra illumination, past life healing, aura cleansing, cord cuttings, ancestral healing, power animal retrievals, soul retrievals, destiny retrievals, etc.


At the end of the session, you will receive Spirit led homework to help you integrate the healing you received. This is perfect for those who have complex PTSD, PTSD, chronic pain, depression, anxiety, and addictions.

Benefits of Shamanic healing:

  • Improved mental health

  • Pain relief

  • Greater sense of joy

  • Self-empowerment

  • Multidimensional healing

  • Expands your consciousness

  • Deeper connection to Self

  • Encourages personal and spiritual growth

A 60-minute session is $125.

Shadow Work Coaching 

Shadow work is a process of making the unconscious conscious. It's about confronting that hidden side of our psyche/personality, addressing our negative habits and traits, but also learning to embrace the unappreciated gifts we have. In order to grow and evolve, we need integrate our shadows. 

During the session, Katie and Spirit will guide you in meditations to work with your shadow. You will gain awareness of your own shadow, and tools to heal and integrate your shadow.

These sessions are perfect for you if you are:

  • easily triggered

  • in dysfunctional relationships

  • lacking self love & self acceptance

  • repeating the same patterns in life

  • depressed or highly anxious

  • engaging in unhealthy escapism

A 60-minute session is $90.

Reiki Treatment

Mary S.

"Katie Scanlon at Awaken with Reiki was referred to me by a respected community professional.  At first, I tried one session with her because I didn’t know what to expect.  I enjoyed the Reiki session so much that I purchased her package deal!! Katie was respectful, empathetic, caring, professional, and informative.  She helped me successfully work through many issues that I had tried for decades, in more “traditional methods” to unsuccessfully work through.  I feel blessed to have found this method of healing and Awaken with Reiki."

Contact Katie

Location: The Chacana Spiritual Center 2299-B Sarno Rd, Melbourne, Florida 32935


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