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"I recently received a powerful Reiki healing by Katie. She made me feel comfortable and safe during the whole session, starting with a comprehensive talk to see where I am at in life and where I need healing. Then she guided me into relaxation and started the energy transmission. I felt wrapped into a blanket of healing light and let the energy do its work. It was not all roses and flowers, as some denser emotions and thoughts came up during the healing, that luckily I was able to discuss with Katie, when we wrapped the session. Katie was very caring, asked many questions to truly understand my situation and provided valuable insights and integration tips for after the healing. I kept processing for a couple more days, like I was shedding some heavier patterns from my body , and when the healing was finally complete, I felt definitely lighter and with a clearer mind. I highly recommend working with Katie, as she is not only a gifted healer, but she is also kind and professional and working with high integrity."

Luna A.

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